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Name of members Department E-mail Address Contact No.
Dr. Shree Mishra (Chair Person) Department of Physics shree.mishra@utu.ac.in 9687965664
Ms. Divya Paulose BVP divya.paulose@utu.ac.in 8860844823
Ms. Nilam Rathod MBNC nilam.rathod@utu.ac.in 9726984043
Ms. Bhoomi Patel SRIMCA bhoomi.patel@utu.ac.in 9099860251
Dr. Arti Gupta MPC arti.gupta@utu.ac.in 9558848242
Ms. Snehal Patel SRCP snehal.patel@utu.ac.in 9913793837
Ms. Krupa Dave CGPIT krupa.dave@utu.ac.in 9099919297
Ms. Priti Bhatt BMIIT preeti.bhatt@utu.ac.in 9898011188
Ms. Bhumika Desai SRIMCA bhumika.desai@utu.ac.in 9687607383
Mrs. Rutu Patel Department of Chemistry rutu.dpatel@utu.ac.in 9601324578
Ms. Bhumika Patel Diwaliba Polytechnic bhumika.vpatel@utu.ac.in 9824780613
Ms. Priyanka Agrawal Department of Commerce priyanka.agrawal@utu.ac.in 9016247047
Ms. Vishwa Pandya RBSA vishwa.k.pandya@gmail.com 7623920777
Dr. Bhavika Tailor Department of Mathematics bhavika.tailor@utu.ac.in 9879548268
Dr. Kinjal Patel Department of Physics kinjal.kpatel@utu.ac.in 9974003014
Ms Naga Rathna Supriya G. CGBIBT rathna.supriya@utu.ac.in 9494606710
Updated On 06/11/2017