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Entrepreneurship is adopted as one of the processes to prepare students as a leader to take global challenges and opt for self-employment. Technology and globalization are driving force for unprecedented change. Business and nations have to respond quickly and innovatively to keep up with the change. As the need for emerging competition and technology of today's era, SRIMCA has incorporated an Entrepreneurship Development Cell for the budding entrepreneurs. The cell is set up under AICTE Quality Improvement Schemes and is funded by AICTE. It aims to develop the skills required to become an entrepreneur.

  • Act as an institutional mechanism to provide services to budding entrepreneurs.
  • Conduct awareness programmes in house and at other institutes.
  • Enhancing industry institute interaction through guest lectures and industry visits.
  • Conduct programmes on idea generation and business plan preparation and skill development.
  • To respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities both at national and international level relating to enterprises.

Name Department Email Id Contact No
Dr. Prashant Joshi(Chirman) SRIMCA prashant.joshi@utu.ac.in 9909677257
Dr. Chinmay Desai (Co-Chair Person) CGPIT chinmay.desai@utu.ac.in 9879072216
Mr. Sandip Delwalkar BMIIT sandip.delwadkar@utu.ac.in 9328719610
Dr. Pranav Shah MPC pranav.shah@utu.ac.in 9979296582
Mr. Aditya Bhatt CGPIT aditya.bhatt@utu.ac.in 9033919069
Ms. Alisha Memon SRCP alisha.memon@utu.ac.in 9158139214
Mr. Amish patel SRIMCA amish.patel@utu.ac.in 9879772359
Mr. Ankit Dharsandiya Diwaliba Polytechnic ankit.dharsandiya@utu.ac.in 8866173826
Mr. Anil S. Patrimath MBNC anil.patrimath@utu.ac.in 8007472074
Ms. Toral Thanki Department of Commerce toral.thanki@utu.ac.in 8886207078
Ms. Umiya Patel RBSA umiya.patel@utu.ac.in 9925959591
Ms. Jayshree Gangani Department of Mathematics jayshree.gangani@utu.ac.in 8238231092
Ms. Niyati Shah B.V.Patel Inst.of BMC & IT niyati.shah@utu.ac.in 7567409223
Dr. Parth Joshi Department of Physics parth.joshi@utu.ac.in 8980839888
Dr. Paresh Patel Department of Chemistry paresh.patel@utu.ac.in 9427271706
Dr. Gopaljee Gopal CGBIBT gopal.jee@utu.ac.in 9558880617
Updated On 06/11/2017
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Dr. Prashant Joshi
Chief Coordinator, Entrepreneurship Development Cell,

Shrimad Rajchandra Institute of Management and Computer Application,
Maliba Campus, GopalVidyanagar,
Bardoli-Mahuva Road,
Dist: Surat, Gujarat: 394350