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Cape Breton University, Canada
University of Prince Edward Island, Canada
Harrisburg University, USA
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA
University of Ilorin, Nigeria

Under these MoUs the students of Uka Tarsadia University can explore the following possibilities:
  • Summer program
  • Short term courses
  • Dual degree program
  • Full time courses and any other option agreed by both the Universities.
  • Joint research

Name Department Email Id Contact No
Dr. Dinesh R. Shah(Chairman) UTU 7567678844
Dr. Prashant Joshi SRIMCA 9909677257
Dr. R. Krishnamurthy CGBiBT 9825349279
Mr. Jainish Topiwala CGPIT 7600825484
Ms. Karmani Rajput CGPIT 7874107598
Dr. Ketan Ranch MPC 9925475599
Ms. Jikitsha Sheth SRIMCA 9998802996
Mr. Krunal Sukhwani BMIIT 9974821705
Ms. Niyati Desai SRCP 9558551328
Dr. Jignesh Raval Department of Chemistry 9427946892
Mr. Gibin Thomas MBNC 9624360843
Ar. Sandeepsingh Sisodia RBSA 9099071630
Mr. Taral Patel B.V.Patel Inst.of BMC&IT 8866374551
Updated On 06/11/2017
  • AIESEC or Association of International Exchanges for Students in Economics & Commerce is a Global, Non-Profit, Independent, Youth-led, Leadership Organisation which is present since 1948.
  • It comes with a direct affiliation with UNITED NATIONS & UNESCO & is currently present in 121 Countries & Territories.
  • It is currently the World’s Largest Network of Young People with 10,000 Local Offices ranging from being present in Harvard (United States) to Monash (Australia) & Budapest (Hungary) & Delhi IIT (India).
  • The current Global Membership of AIESEC is more then 1,000,000 & has more then 1.5 Million Strong Alumni Network ranging with the people from Ratan Tata (Former Executive Tata Sons) to Bill Clinton (42nd President of the USA).
  • The Global Vision of AIESEC is to bring Peace & Fulfilment of Humankind’s Potential & We Believe that Leadership is the Fundamental Solution to everything & it Can be developed in Anyone.

  • We Provide Leadership Development by providing Internship Opportunities Abroad. We believe that we can develop leadership by providing them a platform where they go Abroad and Learn about Leadership Opportunities.
  • We have globally sent more then 92,000 young students on Global Exchange Opportunities through AIESEC.