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In order to explore and reach a new level of height in academic performance, Uka Tarsadia University has formed Academic Development Cell. The Cell aims to organize many multi-disciplinary learning opportunities to the students as well as faculty members by conducting Inter Disciplinary Seminar/Lecture Series and faculty development programmes. This cell also need to help students to develop employability. This cell conduct different soft skill and interdisciplinary program in the University to raise the standard of overall development of UG, PG and Doctoral stages programmes.

The Committee comprises of the following members:

Name Department E-mail Id Contact No.
Dr. Prashant Joshi(Chairman) SRIMCA 9909677257
Dr. Jignesh Raval Dept.of Chemistry 9427946892
Dr. Chinmay Desai CGPIT 9879072216
Dr. Mukesh Patel Dept.of Mathematics 9998185392
Dr. Yagna Vyas B.V.Patel Inst.of BMC&IT 8866917998
Ms. Rachna M.Patel CGPIT 9978150221
Ms. Jaishree Tailor SRIMCA 9879867707
Ms. Nehal Adhvaryu BMIIT 8469543888
Ms. Niyati Desai SRCP 9558551328
Mr. Rashvin Tailor SRIMCA-MBA 9879510653
Mr. Nilay Vaidya SRIMCA 9586880100
Dr. Ashish Mishra MPC 9825372717
Mr. Vijay Shah Diwaliba Polytechnic 9428176217
Mr. Chanagiri Aurasang MBNC 9036420993
Mr. Nilay Panchal Department of Commerce 9601862842
Ar. Nilkantha Burkhawala RBSA 9898048083
Dr. Parth Joshi Department of Physics 8980839888
Dr. A. Sankarnarayana CGBIBT 9486519572
Updated On 06/11/2017