Training and Placement Cell
Training and Placement Cell
Training and Placement Cell: 2017-18Committee :

Annual Report  

Name Department Email Id Contact No
Dr. Sanjay Buch CGPIT 9987769989
Mr. Manish Nakrani (Training Co-ordinator) CGPIT 8000746836
Dr. Pranav Shah (Placement Co-ordinator) MPC 9979296582
Mr. Devendra Thakor (IT Alliance Co-ordinator) CGPIT 9408951214
Ms. Kinjal Mistry MBNC 8758387580
Mr. Nilay Vaidya SRIMCA 9428900767
Mr. Hiren Patel SRIMCA 9925354422
Mr. Manish Pathak SRIMCA 9904192519
Ms. Ditixa Desai MPC 9737060016
Ms. Jaimini Gandhi MPC 7383197287
Ms. Niyti Desai SRCP 9558551328
Ms. Priyanka Mishra Department of Commerce 9726926222
Mr. Dharmaraj Solanki B.V.Patel Inst.of BMC&IT 9909890629
Ms. Nidhi Halwadia B.V.Patel Inst.of BMC&IT 8980090648
Ms. Bhumika Patel BMIIT 9998221020
Mr. Sapan Naik BMIIT 9586113399
Mr. Aditya Bhatt CGPIT 9033919069
Mr. Mehul Patel CGPIT 9723103888
Mr. Sandip Parmar CGPIT 9601872716
Mr. Hiren Shah CGPIT 9898297571
Mr. Fenil Khatiwala CGPIT 9979967707
Ms. Slesha Sanghvi CGPIT 9904790574
Ms. Komal Desai CGPIT 9537569906
Mr. Jay Patel CGPIT 9725017590
Mr. Darshan Vora CGPIT 9898814170
Mr. Jenish Modi Diwaliba Polytechnic 9726539532
Ar. Shaunak Desai RBSA 9925955455
Mr. Ankit H. Patel Department of Mathematics 9408960343
Mr. Hitesh Rajput Department of Physics 9727561617
Dr. Parth Naik Department of Chemistry 9099986593
Mr. Mulchand Sen Skill Development Center 9979156055
Ms. Rozy Patel The Center of Humanities and Development 7600020677
Dr. N Amaresan CGBIBT 9737598465
Updated On 06/11/2017
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