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News & Events : 2013-14

An expert talk on "Good Manufacturing Practices" was held at Maliba Pharmacy College on 14-3-2014. Mr. Prashant Desai is a Production Manager at S Kant Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Vapi. The session was about Good Practices in documentation, laboratory and manufacturing. He also explained its application in industry. The session was very informative and knowledgeable. Students of final year B.Pharm, First year M.Pharm and final year M.Pharm attended the session and they came to know about different guidelines followed in industries. Mr. Desai informed the students regarding importance of accuracy, precision, purity, safety and quality in manufacturing of formulations. At the end, Mr. Desai provided information regarding S Kant Pharmaceuticals and various products exported by the company. The students were also informed about the various opportunities for the pharmacist in industry.

In its quest for excellence in developing entrepreneurial qualities among management students, Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) of Department of Management organized TWO days workshop on SIMPLE i.e. Student Induction on Management Personality Leadership and Effectiveness. The Resource Person was Mr. Amit a young Entrepreneur, CEO of Markzy Ltd, working in association with global IT giant Intel technologies.

Day 1covered the concepts of Management, Planning, Organizing, Controlling, Influencing method, Solid reputation, Enhanced skill set, Executive presence, Superior likability and Power to persuade others. These concepts were delivered via Learning By Doing approach through activities like, Innovative Product Concept Making and Brand Ambassador Activity.

Day 2 covered the concepts of Internal and External Personality, Similarities in Energy Law and Personality Law, Personality Development Steps, Power of confidence, First Impression Strategy, Leadership, Leadership Characteristics and qualities. These concepts were delivered via Learning By Doing approach through activities like,One word Personality activity and Leadership Ladder.

MBA and MAM students were enlightened and interacted with Mr. Amit about various queries that they had. Students participated in all the activities and got the title of STAR and ROCK STAR.

In today's era of globalization, most of the organization influence by the western concepts & business practices and it become part of Indian system too. But many of them are lacking in implementation part and may face failure. In this situation its best to go back to the root cause - the mythology - to understand the relation between current business practice and Indian Mythology. On 15th Feb 2014, Mr. Gautam Donga conducted a session on "Indian Mythology and Business Practices" for FYMBA and SYMAM students in the Activity room SRIMCA. The major topic discussed during the session were like, three objective of any business/individual i.e. money, intellectual and power, long term and short term objectives, Indian method of doing business i.e. Family Owned Business, objective vs. subjective measurement, advantages of ancient Indian education system, various types of leadership based on the different avatars of Vishnu, spirit of the rule vs. letter of the rule etc. By understanding these topics it's become easy to understand that how to perform better by considering wealth of "Ramayana" and "Mahabharata". It makes easier for a professional to remain effective and increase the efficiency in decision making and achieving goal.

As you may have noticed in life, naturally confident people are good at emotional preparation for even the most stressful of situations, but the rest of us often need a little help to feel emotionally prepared for whatever happens. On 11th Feb 2014, Mr. Gautam Donga conducted a session on Self confidence and body language for 5 years MBA Students in the Activity room SRIMCA. The major topics discussed during the session were like, how to respond the challenging task, how to avoid the people who pull you down, how to identify and use your skill in you, and different aspect of body language. Each session was packed with tips and techniques to help students control fear and under-confidence in stressful situations. And, by understanding keys to confidence, one performs better at home and at work, enjoy social situations more, boost your confidence for stressful situations and relax in the face of uncertainty; a vital ability in today's fast paced world.

Dr. Ona O. Soleye, who was Finance minister of Nigeria, the country which is 6th largest producer of Oil in the world. He pursued his study in renowned universities like London School of Economics, University of Manchester etc.

During his stay at the Maliba campus, he visited all institutes of Uka Tarsadia University. During his visit to respective institute, he had discussion with director, faculty members and students. He was very much impress with all the facilities, architectural design of different institutes and so on.

He had interaction with management students during all days of his stay in the campus. He delivered talk on different topics like, Comparison of India and Nigeria, Leadership, Conflict and Consensus. His discussion on the topics really added value to the knowledge of the audience. During his talk, the audience had experience his humbleness, his depth of knowledge and expertise on different subjects. He praise the efforts of Donors, Sri. Kiritbhai (Secretary, BPKM), Dr. Dinesh Shah (Provost & CEO, UTU) and other trustees for their extraordinary contribution in development of the campus.

A lecture on the topic "Quality by Design" by Dr. Mukesh. C. Gohel was held on 22nd September, 2013 at Maliba Pharmacy College. The lecture was attended by 50 M.Pharm students and staff members. Dr. M. C. Gohel highlighted that USFDA has made it mandatory for all the ANDA submissions to include the concept of Quality by Design. He made the audience understand that the concept ensures the safety, quality and efficacy of the medicine given to the patient. He also emphasized on the concept to be employed in the analysis of samples. He explained that Design of Experiments is an integral part of QbD. He motivated the students to include DoE in their dissertations to reduce the time and cost as well as to ensure the success of the experiments. Dr. M. C. Gohel also had a discussion with the students and staff members and answered the queries raised by them. Overall the lecture was very informative.

  • The placement activities for the MCA and MSc(CA) students started right in the beginning of the academic year in the month of July 2012. Starting with various sessions on facing the interviews, preparing CVs, group discussions etc.
  • 10 plus companies have visited the campus for the final placement like LA NET TEAM software solution Mumbai, Magnor computer pvt. Ltd. Surat, Solwin Infotech Surat, etc.
  • Students have visited 40 plus companies for the internship and placement like Bally Technology Banglore, Algorithm Tech Pune, Lakshya Software Pune, Sahjanand Solutions Surat, etc.
  • It is a moment of pride and pleasure for the placement cell that, students have been placed with the average package of 1.6 Lacs to highest package 4.8 Lacs per annum.
  • The performance and experience of students has been progressive in the process of placement so far and we expect the same in the upcoming academic year as well.

Uka Tarsadia University believes in Excellency. It provides an environment where student brings out their best. And doing so, it also feels proud to recognize the outstanding students.

The following three students of BCA (Honors) have been awarded Merit Scholarship from Uka Tarsadia University. Each student gets a scholarship of Rs. Ten Thousand.

Patel Pooja Chetankumar Patel Pooja Chetankumar
Patel Liza Balvantbhai Patel Liza Balvantbhai
Yadav Haresh Harishkumar Yadav Haresh Harishkumar