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Photo Name Designation Qualification AreaofInterest Email
Dr.Anil Kumar Mishra Dr.Anil Kumar Mishra Principal
Ph.D ,M.P.Th.(Cardio-Pulmonary) Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, Research Methodology & Statistical Analysis anil.mishra@utu.ac.in
Dr. Poonam Shah Dr. Poonam Shah Assistant Professor M.P.T. (Ortho) Knee and shoulder injuries. poonam.shah@utu.ac.in
Dr. Niyati Desai Dr. Niyati Desai Assistant Professor M.P.T (Ortho) Manual Therapy, Rehabilitation of Spine and Knee niyati.desai@utu.ac.in
Dr. Heena Pranavsinh Rathod Dr. Heena Rathod Assistant Professor M.P.T. (Neuro) Spine & Stroke rehabilitation, Neurokinetic Therapy, Pilates & Pre and post natal Training. Heena.solanki@utu.ac.in
Dr. Alisha Memon Dr. Alisha Memon Assistant Professor M.P.T. (Ortho) Knee & Shoulder Rehabilitation, Manual Therapy techniques, Community Based Rehabilitation, Research Methodology & Statistical Analysis alisha.memon@utu.ac.in
Dr. Kinjal Patel Dr. Kinjal Patel Assistant Professor MPT in Neurological Science Rehabilitation in Neurological conditions, Aerobics for paralysis Kinjal.ppatel@utu.ac.in
Dr. RajalSukhiyaji Dr. Rajal Sukhiyaji Assistant Professor MPT in Sports Science Pilates, mulligan, Aerobics and power yoga trainer On field sports physiotherapy rajal.sukhiyaji@utu.ac.in
Dr. Chinmayee B. Patel Dr. Chinmayee B. Patel Assistant Professor MPT in Neurological Science EMG-NCV trainer, Mulligan & Pilates training chinmayee.patel@utu.ac.in
Dr. BhavikJahweri Dr. Bhavik Jhaveri Assistant Professor MPT in Sports Sports injury rehabilitation, Sports conditioning & Performance analysis measurement in sports persons bhavik.jhaveri@utu.ac.in
Dr.Snehal Patel Dr.Snehal Patel Assistant Professor M.P.T (Musculoskeletal & Vestibular) Vestibular Rehabilitation, Spinal Manipulation, Basic Life Support trainer snehal.patel@utu.ac.in
Dr.Ruchi Gupta Dr.Ruchi Gupta Assistant Professor M.P.T (Neurosciences Pediatric) Neurology & Pediatric Rehabilitation ruchi.gupta@utu.ac.in
Dr. Mansi Bidja Dr. Mansi Bidja Assistant Professor M.P.T (Musculoskeletal) Shoulder, Spine & knee disorders & Pilates Training mansi.bidja@utu.ac.in
Dr. Pooja Patel Dr. Pooja Patel Assistant Professor M.P.T.(Neurology) Traumatic brain injury, Evidence based education & practice system pooja .mpatel@utu.ac.in
Dr. Payal Vashi Dr. Payal Vashi Assistant Professor M.P.T (Musculo skeletal science & Sports) Biomechanics ,Exercise physiology ,Manual Therapy payal.vashi@utu.ac.in
Dr. Sneha Sailor Dr. Sneha Sailor Assistant Professor M.P.T (Sports) Sports rehabilitation, sports biomechanics, soft tissue injury, barefoot training. sneha.sailor@utu.ac.in
Dr. Khushboo Valodwala Dr. Khushboo Valodwala Assistant Professor M.P.T (Neurology) Neurological conditions like Stroke & Cerebral Palsy. khushboo.valodwala@utu.ac.in
Photo Name Designation Qualification Email address
Dr.Arti Rajbaraiya.jpg Dr.Arti Rajbaraiya Clinical Therapist B.P.T arti.rajbaraiya@utu.ac.in
Dr.Tejashvi Patel Dr.Tejashvi Patel Clinical Therapist B.P.T tejashvi.patel@utu.ac.in
Dr. Jinal Patel Dr. Jinal Patel Clinical Therapist B.P.T Jinal.patel@utu.ac.in
Dr. Khyati K. Shah Dr. Khyati K. Shah Senior Clinical Therapist B.P.T (DNHE) khyati.shah@utu.ac.in
Dr.Jinal Vijaykumar Mistry Dr.Jinal Vijaykumar Mistry Clinical therapist B.P.T jinal.mistry@utu.ac.in
Dr. Amee A. Thakkar Dr. Amee A. Thakkar Clinical Therapist B.P.T amee.thakkr@utu.ac.in
Dr. Hetvi Himmatsinh Parmar Dr. Hetvi Himmatsinh Parmar Clinical Therapist B.P.T hetvi.parmar@utu.ac.in