• Globalizing local knowledge and localizing global technologies
  • Globalizing local knowledge and localizing global technologies
Theme of the Congress

The 4th International Congress of Society for Ethnopharmacology will focus on recent advances in Ethnopharmacology and related aspects. The program will include keynote address, plenary lectures, oral and poster presentation in different areas:

  • Dissemination of knowledge on education and research for promotion of medicinal plant and Ethnopharmacology
  • Evidence based documentation and evaluation of safety, efficacy and quality of medicinal plant products in Indian systems of medicine
  • Globalization of traditional medicine
  • Scientific documentation and validation of traditional knowledge
  • Ethnopharmacology in drug discovery and development- global scenario
  • Quality control and standardization of herbal medicine
  • Phytochemical, pharmacological and microbiological screening of medicinal plants
  • Bioprospecting of natural products
  • Medicinal plants fibre and its use to mankind
  • Integrative approach in healthcare – Role of medicinal plants
  • Plant breeding, Genetics & Biotechnology
  • Conservation & propagation of rare, endangered & threatened medicinal plants
  • Aquatic Medicinal Plants and Agro advisories to farmers
  • Cultivation of medicinal plants for the upliftment and empowerment of tribal farmers
  • Medicinal plants processing industry and cultivation field visit
  • Medicinal plants products as nutraceutical, food supplement, health tonic, vitality supplements etc.