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Staff of Chemistry Department

Photo Name Designation Area of Interest Email address
Prof. Kishor Desai Prof.(Dr). Kishor Desai Director Green Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Synthetic Dyes, Medicinal Chemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry kishor.desai@utu.ac.in
Dr. Jignesh Raval Dr. Jignesh Raval Head - Associate Professor Drug Discovery, Medicinal Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Novel drug delivery systems. jignesh.raval@utu.ac.in
Mr. Bhavin R. Patel Mr. Bhavin R. Patel Lecturer Synthetic Organic Chemistry bhavin.patel@utu.ac.in
Mr. Anand J. Patel Mr. Anand J. Patel Lecturer Formulation and Drug Delivery System anand.patel@utu.ac.in
Mr. Pramod J. Patil Mr. Pramod J. Patil Teaching Assistant Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry pramod.patil@utu.ac.in
Nisha Odedara Nisha Odedara Teaching Assistant Green Chemistry, Photo Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry nisha.odedara@utu.ac.in
RUTU D.PATEL Rutu D.Patel Assistant Professor Physical & Polymer chemistry rutu.dpatel@utu.ac.in
Dr. Paresh N. Patel Dr. Paresh N. Patel Assistant Professor Development of green methodology in organic synthesis for effective drugs molecules paresh.patel@utu.ac.in
Dr. Dharmesh R. Chejara Dr. Dharmesh R. Chejara Assistant Professor Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable polymer based materials for tailor-made applications. dharmesh.chejara@utu.ac.in
Dr. Sutapa Mondal Roy Dr. Sutapa Mondal Roy Assistant Professor Lipid membranes and its interactions with drugs and proteins sutapa.roy@utu.ac.in
Dr. Sharad Patil Dr. Sharad Patil Assistant Professor Color Chemistry, Photovoltaics, Functional Materials, Renewable Energy Sources, Dye Sensitized Solar Cell, NIR-absorbing/emitting molecules, Green Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry sharad.patil@utu.ac.in
Mr. Dipen Desai Mr. Dipen Desai Teaching Assistant Heterocyclic Chemistry, Name Reaction, IR and NMR Spectroscopy dipen.hdesai@utu.ac.in
Dr. Parth Naik Dr. Parth Naik Assistant Professor Drug Synthesis Parth.naik@utu.ac.in
Dr. Satyanarayan Battula Dr. Satyanarayan Battula Assistant Professor Study the distinguished behavior of various reactions of different nucleophiles with some distinctive electrophiles... satyanarayana.battula@utu.ac.in,
Dr. Ajit Joshi  Dr. Ajit Joshi Associate Professor Organic, Natural, Heterocyclic and Medicinal Chemistry & Nanomaterials ajit.joshi@utu.ac.in
Dr. Amrutlal L. Prajapat Dr. Amrutlal L. Prajapat Assistant Professor Wastewater treatment, Polymer degradation/depolymerization, Polymer derivatization, Analytical chemistry, Acoustic Cavitation, Hydrodynamic Cavitation, amrutlal.prajapat@utu.ac.in
Dr. JYOTI SINGH Dr. JYOTI SINGH Assistant Professor Physical chem. ,Synthesis of fluorine containing bio-active organic compound and ionic liquids Jyoti.singh@utu.ac.in
Dr. Nilesh S. Pandya Dr. Nilesh S. Pandya Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry, Natural Pigments, Carbohydrate. nilesh.pandya@utu.ac.in