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Staff of Chemistry Department

Photo Name Designation Area of Interest Email address
Dr. Ajit Joshi  Dr. Ajit Joshi I/C Director Organic, Natural, Heterocyclic and Medicinal Chemistry & Nanomaterials ajit.joshi@utu.ac.in
Dr. Bhavna Shah Dr. Bhavna Shah Honorary Professor Analytical and Environmental Chemistry bhavna.shah@utu.ac.in
Dr. Parth Naik Dr. Parth Naik Assistant Professor Drug Synthesis Parth.naik@utu.ac.in
Dr. Satyanarayan Battula Dr. Satyanarayan Battula Assistant Professor Study the distinguished behavior of various reactions of different nucleophiles with some distinctive electrophiles... satyanarayana.battula@utu.ac.in,
Dr. Paresh N. Patel Dr. Paresh N. Patel Assistant Professor Development of green methodology in organic synthesis for effective drugs molecules paresh.patel@utu.ac.in
Dr. Sutapa Mondal Roy Dr. Sutapa Mondal Roy Assistant Professor Lipid membranes and its interactions with drugs and proteins sutapa.roy@utu.ac.in
Dr. Sharad Patil Dr. Sharad Patil Assistant Professor Color Chemistry, Photovoltaics, Functional Materials, Renewable Energy Sources, Dye Sensitized Solar Cell, NIR-absorbing/emitting molecules, Green Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry sharad.patil@utu.ac.in
Dr. Dharmesh R. Chejara Dr. Dharmesh R. Chejara Assistant Professor Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable polymer based materials for tailor-made applications. dharmesh.chejara@utu.ac.in
Dr. Nilesh S. Pandya Dr. Nilesh S. Pandya Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry, Natural Pigments, Carbohydrate. nilesh.pandya@utu.ac.in
Dr. JYOTI SINGH Dr. JYOTI SINGH Assistant Professor Physical chem. ,Synthesis of fluorine containing bio-active organic compound and ionic liquids Jyoti.singh@utu.ac.in
Dr. Chintan R. Patel Dr. Chintan R. Patel Assistant Professor Inorganic, Bioinorganic and Organic Chemistry chintan.rpatel@utu.ac.in
Dr. B. Rajamouli Dr. B. Rajamouli Assistant Professor Design and synthesis of luminescent organic fluorophores rajamouli.boddula@utu.ac.in
Dr. Harishchandra Jirimali Dr. Harishchandra Jirimali Assistant Professor Electrochemistry, Polymers, Nanomaterials, Formulations,Pesticides residue analysis, Electroosmotic pump, Surface modifications. harishchandra.jirimali@utu.ac.in
RUTU D.PATEL Ms. Rutu Patel Assistant Professor Physical & Polymer chemistry rutu.dpatel@utu.ac.in
Mr. Bhavin R. Patel Mr. Bhavin R. Patel Teaching Assistant Synthetic Organic Chemistry bhavin.patel@utu.ac.in
Mr. Anand J. Patel Dr. Anand Patel Teaching Assistant Formulation and Drug Delivery System anand.patel@utu.ac.in
Mr. Pramod J. Patil Dr. Pramod J. Patil Teaching Assistant Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry pramod.patil@utu.ac.in
Nisha Odedara Nisha Odedara Teaching Assistant Green Chemistry, Photo Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry nisha.odedara@utu.ac.in
Mr. Dipen Desai Mr. Dipen Desai Teaching Assistant Heterocyclic Chemistry, Name Reaction, IR and NMR Spectroscopy dipen.hdesai@utu.ac.in