Skill Development Center (SDC)
Skill Development Center (SDC)

Raising employability skills has emerged as an area for attention to improve, synergize and enhance the transition from full - time education into employment.The Cell for Student is expected to provide support and resources throughout students time at UTU; helping them to develop them, plan their career and develop the necessary skills that will make them more attractive to employers. Students will get an opportunity to attend a wide range of interactive workshops, training sessions etc that help them to recognize, develop and articulate their employability skills for future success.

  • 1. To support the professional and personal career development of students at the University Campus.
  • 2. To support students in completing their studies by providing training in key generic skills.
  • 3. To encourage students to develop thought process on their long term professional, personal and career development
  • 4. To enhance student's employability skill that will make them more attractive to employers.


There are lots of benefits for attending the soft skill development programme .Here are just a few :

  • 1. Students are expected to be better prepared and more confident in knowing what to expect from recruiters.
  • 2. Help students to know, how to use their time and energy at university to prepare for their bright future career.
  • 3. Enable students to enhance skills and qualities they require to strengthen their position and give a competetitive advantage over others in personal, social and professional marketplace.

  • 1. Knowledge and abilities to compete successfully
  • 2. Engagement, influence and impact
  • 3. Career development

A typical session can be of 2 hour - 4 hours long.

  • - Discussions
  • - Role Plays
  • - Cases
  • - Management Games-Outbound and inbound
  • - Videos / speeches / Movie
  • - Field Visits
Learning Resources :
Syllabus Module
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Mr. Mulchandji Sen
Mr. Dhaval Hariyani
Ms. Rachna Somaya
Ms. Radhika Bhat