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Center of Humanities and Development

Welcome to Center of Humanities and Development

"Come, Assimilate, Explore"

We are here to Navigating the Human Experience.

The Center of Humanities and Development was envisaged way back but got commenced on 10 th March 2016 at Uka Tarsadia University under the patriarch vision of Shri Kiritbhai Patel and Dr. D. R. Shah.

"The arts and humanities aren't just there to be consumed when we have a free moment, we need them like medicine. They help us live."

               - Ex.President of U.S.A. Barack Obama

Discovering is the act of learning - its ultimate goal. So here, we are at cross roads for interdisciplinary discussions among faculties, students, corporate clients, foreign delegates and aspirants from different walks of life. Our aim is to be a one stop destination for all the educational, professional, social and personal guidance to cater each sophistication and cultured need. Nevertheless it can be a girl who is going marry in a different background and needs to furnish mannerisms or a youngster aiming to settle abroad and wants to brush up his soft skills.

Our programme draws from five elements of human dignity, incidentally those same intrinsic values are our centre's forte - Truth, Beauty, goodness, International standards and Humanitarian action which enhance clients intellectual experience through Discussion, Lecture, Task, Role play etc.

Like a ball bounces back when pushed in water because of its intrinsic qualities: here, participants/clients are made to bounce back and make them realize their potential, instilling self belief, igniting the desire and reinventing the dreams to achieved bigger goals and overall refinement in each aspect of life.


The centre facilitates the client/participants to learn and comprehend the skill in well adjust situations. The centre has its own suite with live e-classroom with live video/audio broadcast, two activity area and activity corner (For perform the task and activities) and open library.

Age no bar - Gender no bar, Qualification no bar ...its open to all


The Center of Humanity and Development strives to develop organization as an International training and development hub which stands out in professionalism and commitment to excellence


Me to Me- We strive to bestow our client to build self image, self Confidence and self esteem.

Me to You - We provide a recreation programmers to groom the overall personality of our client.

You to Society- We offer a platform to our clients which create a thoughtful creative and engaged citizenry willing and able to participate in meaningful public dialogue.

I think most of us sense that it is a responsibility of the humanities to try to help better the conduct of human beings in their life's and manifold professional activities.

               - J. Irwin Miller