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BMIIT hasbeen conducting spoken tutorial

The Spoken Tutorial Project is an initiative of ‘Talk to a Teacher’ activity of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT), launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India. It is being developed by IIT Mumbai for MHRD, Government of India.

As a part of collaboration with IIT Mumbai, BMIIT hasbeen conducting spoken tutorial sessions as well as certification examinationsfor the BMIIT students since its inception. Continuing with the practice, this year tooBMIIT conducted the exams wherein 59 students appeared for Linux exam, 104 for C, 21 for Java exam and 50 for Python exam. Approximately 80% students have cleared the exams with the overall result being around 78%.

Below is the summarized data for the conducted exam:

Exam Date Semester Subject Number of students appeared Pass
22.11.2016 3 Linux 59 56
02.12.2016 1 C 104 75
05.12.2016 7 Java 21 16
08.12.2016 5 Python 50 37

We BMIIT and UTU congratulates the students.

Students of BMIIT shine out with their brilliant performance in the 3rdUThFest 2016, October 1st 2016

Students of BMIIT shine out with their brilliant performance in the 3rdUThFest 2016, October 1st 2016

"We are all born with a divine fire in us. Our efforts should be to give wings to this fire" This famous quote said by the humble and fierce Dr. Abdul Kalam has truly inspired many students to excel. UTU in its own is a utopia of education – a center of excellence who believes in forever enlightening the flames of creativity, innovation and art within the students and for this same reason, UTU has been celebrating youth festivals since the year 2014 serving as a platform for the students to show their talent and creativity.

Continuing this flame, the third UThFest of UTU was organized on 29th September, 30th September and 1st October in continuation for three days. An overwhelming strength of 288 students of BMIIT participated in various events of the youth fest such as FineArts, Decorative Arts, Literary, Music, Dance, Theatre, Fashion Show, Fun Fair and Business Start Up. These competitions comprised of single as well as group events and from all the events, the BMIITians have bagged prizes in a total of seven events including both single and group events. Apart from these events, BMIITians also showcased their business and gourmet skills by arranging food stalls in fun fair. Three stalls were arranged by the students of 5th and 7th semester where they served delicious and lip smacking snacks and beverages.

It a moment of pride for BMIIT as the students performed exceptionally well and so the BMIIT family congratulates all the winners as well the other participants and hopes that they will keep this flame of creativity, innovation and art glowing on in the coming years.

Event Name Participant’s Name Position
Business Start Up Nilkanth Patel and Group Winners
Mono Acting KhyatiDayal Winners
Photography Jay Panchal Winners
Drama JarulMunshi and Group Runners Up
Mime Milan Sheladiya and Group Runners Up
Mimicry Nirmal Patel Runners Up
Fashion Show Vinil Parekh and Group Runners Up

BMIIT celebrated 'Jamboree 2016', fresher’s party for the new crudes, Date: September 24, 2016

BMIIT celebrated 'Jamboree 2016', fresher's party for the new crudes, Date: September 24, 2016

" The secret of getting ahead is getting started ". Every year new faces join our institute with new hope, fresh excitement and ambition. BMIIT has always motivated new students to excel both in academics and extra-curricular activities. Rejoicing the new talents, BMIIT celebrated Jamboree 2016, fresher's party on 24thSeptember 2016 10:00 am onwards. The theme for Jamboree 2016 was underwater which was highlighted beautifully by the decorations done by the students. The day began with a formal function followed by cultural events.The esteemed guests of honor for the event were Shri Bhagubhai Patel (President, BPKM), and Dr. Dinesh Shah (Provost and CEO, UTU). During the formal function Dr. Dinesh Shah addressed the students. In his speech, Sir welcomed the new students. He also motivated the students to be creative and enthusiastic. TheGeneral Secretary of BMIIT, DarshanPrajapati welcomed the students by his speech in which he also shared his views on journey of college life.

Following the formal function were many performances given by the students of BMIIT such as dancing, singing, mono acting and mime. A competition for Mr. Fresher and Ms. Fresher was also organized in which there were a total of 22 participants of first year and after thorough scrutiny 11 participants were chosen for the competition. Mr. Fresher and Ms. Fresher were declared on basis of three rounds judged by Mr. SandipDelwadkar, Ms. Bhumika Patel and Ms. NehalAdhvaryu. Other than this, six prices were also given such as Mr. Chocolate Boy, Ms. Naughty, Ms. Cute, Mr. Handsome Hunk, Ms. Well Dressed and Mr. Well Dressed. It is a proud moment for BMIIT that many students of the first year participated in the performances as well as anchoring. The whole event was followed by a thrilling DJ party.

Overall, Jamboree 2016 was an enjoyable and a splendid event, and the BMIIT family wishes these students a prosperous future.

Seminar on "Further study / academic tour to USA, Canada and Germany" attended by students of BMIIT, Dated: 21.09.2016

Seminar on "Further study / academic tour to USA, Canada and Germany" attended by students of BMIIT, Dated: 21.09.2016

Uka Tarsadia University believes in overall growth and development of students. Training and placement cell of UTU has arranged seminar for guiding students on Further study / academic tour to USA, Canada and Germany on 21.09.2016 for interested students of BMIIT.

90 students from Second, Third and Fourth Year of Babu Madhav Institute of Information Technology have participated in this seminar. Speakers for the seminar are Ms. Sonal Nakrani and Mr. Vipul Vadodaria. They discussed the scope and opportunities in USA and Canada. They had discussed the education system of USA and Canada, how to prepare for the same. At the end queries of students were solved. Students were satisfied with content delivered.

We at BMIIT, Welcome such initiative and encourage students to participate in such seminars.

BMIIT students has attended a Training Program "Transformation-The change" organized by Training and Placement Cell of UTU, Dated: 07.09.2016

BMIIT students has attended a Training Program "Transformation-The change" organized by Training and Placement Cell of UTU, Dated: 07.09.2016

Training and Placement Cell, UkaTarsadia University organized the training program on Transformation – The Change for 120 students of BMIIT. UkaTarsadia University invited volunteer trainer JC Pramila Sharma for the same. She isa trainer of JCI Bharuch. Training and Placement Team took this initiative to train the students at the beginning of the year and fill up the gap between industry and academia.

Trainer has covered the content like what is change, what is transformation, correlation between these concepts and how they are different. Initially she covered the topic in the context of personal change in life and later she related it with organization. Session was very interactive by activities, games, quiz and question answer. Students were very happy with the feeling of getting something fruitful after this session.

BMIIT, UkaTarsadia University is thankful to JC Pramila Sharma for her volunteer contribution to increase the knowledge of the students.

BMIIT celebrates Teacher’s Day, Date: September 3, 2016

BMIIT celebrates Teacher’s Day, Date: September 3, 2016

To celebrate the auspicious occasion of the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, BMIIT organized teacher’s day on the 3rd of September 2016. Students from each year were selected to conduct lectures of various subjects to their classmates or junior classes. Each student was allocated a time duration of 30 minutes to deliver the lecture. Program Coordinator, Time-Table Incharge and General Secretory was also assigned for the day. The sessions continued till 12:15 after which a short function for experience sharing was arranged.

In the session Program Coordinator, Mr. JitendraNasriwala shared his thoughts and also motivated the students to think positively about the efforts put in by the faculties. The student who had played as faculties also shared their experience of delivering the lecture. All these students accepted that being a teacher is not an easy task and it requires effort and determination.

Dazzling star of BMIIT, Brij Modi stood 4th at state level senior freestyle wrestling championship. Date: 28th August 2016

Dazzling star of BMIIT, Brij Modi stood 4th at state level senior freestyle wrestling championship. Date: 28th August 2016

"Great wrestlers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion."

Brij Bhagvatkumar Modi (201606100110036) student of 1st year Integrated M.Sc.(IT) from Babu Madhav Institute of Information Technology, Uka Tarsadia University took part in 61Kg freestyle wrestling and he stood 4th in senior freestyle wrestling championship at Ahmedabad on 28th August 2016.

Rules for the game

  • This event is openly held so anyone can apply for it.
  • Age limit does not matter in senior wrestling.

One day workshop on "Speech Craft: Professional Communication" attended by first year students of BMIIT, Date: 27.08.2016

One day workshop on "Speech Craft: Professional Communication" attended by first year students of BMIIT, Date: 27.08.2016

Uka Tarsadia University is working for the overall development of students and their growth. As a part of it, IELTS Preparation Centre and Chhotubhai Gopalbhai Patel Institute of Technology have jointly organised one day workshop on "Speech Craft: Professional Communication" on 27th August,2016 for all First year students of university.

In this workshop, 30 students from Babu Madhav Institute of Information Technology have participated. Speakers for the workshop are Ms Rozy Patel and Mr Mulchand Sen. Topics covered were personality development, professional communication and general communication. At last IQ and mind games were played. Workshop was engaging as well as inspiring.

We at BMIIT,welcome such initiative and encourage students to participate in such workshops.

BMIIT students visited "Universal Welfare Trust of IndiaSpecial center for slow learners" Bardoli, Date: 23.08.2016

BMIIT students visited "Universal Welfare Trust of IndiaSpecial center for slow learners" Bardoli, Date: 12.03.2016


- Robert Ingersoll

Universal Welfare Trust of India, Bardoli which is a special Centre for slow learners was visited by the students and members of Babu Madhav Institute of Information Technology (BMIIT)on 12th March ‘2016 from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the academic environment and the students, get to know their issues and also help and motivate the students. During the visit chocolates and some clothes were distributed to the special kids by the students of BMIIT. They also played some games and had fun time with the students at the Centre.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

The BMIIT members and students during the interaction found out that one of the main issue of the Centre’s students was to obtain uniforms. In an attempt to help the Centre’s students, the students of BMIIT collected charity from their classmates within a few days duration. In the end, an amount of 10000 rupees was collected successfully. On 23rd August, 2016 a second visit was made by the BMIIT students and there they distributed 20 uniforms to the Centre’s students.

Visit by:

Preyesh Patel: F.Y.M.Sc (IT)Priyank Patel:F.Y.M.Sc (IT)
Amit Patel:F.Y.M.Sc (IT)Abhishek Patel: F.Y.M.Sc (IT)
Vishal Patel:F.Y.M.Sc (IT)

Shining star of BMIIT, Sonal Barlekar stood as runner up in Azadi - 70 , UTU . Date : 22nd August 2016

Shining star of BMIIT, Sonal Barlekar stood as runner up in Azadi - 70 , UTU . Date : 22nd August 2016

The music club of Uka Tarsadia University arranged an inter-department singing competition at the university level whilst celebrating the event ‘Azadi 70’(Celebration of 70th Independence Day) on 22nd August 2016. A total of 25 students had participated in the competition where approximate 2 students from each department had participated. The competition had only one round in which the students had the task of singing patriotic songs. Ms. Sonal Balekar, student of 7th semester BMIIT was the runner up for the competition. The BMIIT family congratulates her and wishes all the very best for such future endeavors.

Independence Day Celebration organized at BMIIT with the theme ‘INDIA BY 2050’, Date: 16th August 2016.

Independence Day Celebration organized at BMIIT with the theme ‘INDIA BY 2050’, Date: 16th August 2016.

A program for ‘Independence Day Celebration’ was organized at BMIIT on 16th August 2016 to celebrate the auspicious day of our nation’s freedom. The theme of the day was ‘India by 2050’ and two competitions were organized for the students of all semesters involving class participation. The first competition was ‘Class Room Decoration’ where students had to clean and decorate their classes in a group of 10 and the other competition was ‘Model Making Competition’ where the students had to represent their intellect and innovative ideas through a model which showed their views on how India would be by the year 2050.Vice President , Uka Tarsadia University and Secretary BPKM Mr. Kiritbhai Patel and Co – Secretary, BPKM Mr. Arvindbhai Patel also enlightened the program by encouraging the participants and appreciating their hard work. Participants of semester 1st, division B were the runner up in the Model Making competition and participants of semester 3rd, division B were the winners of the competition. In the Class Room Decoration competition, students of 7th semester were the runners up and students of 5th A were the runners up. BMIIT congratulates all the winners and also wishes them to do the best in such future events.

Winner List
Independence Day - Celebration - 16th August, 2016
Sr.No Competition Class Enrollment no Name
1 Model Making 3rd-B 201506100110095 Ankita Khant
201506100110123 Nisha Patel
2 1st-B 201606100110007 Priyank Lad
201606100110018 Dhaval Muldni
201606100110022 Riyal Mendpara
201606100110028 Pratik Baldha
201606100110041 Rajan Prajapati
1 Class Decoration 5th-A
2 7th

Guest session on ‘Gender Equality’ arranged at BMIIT, Date: 16.08.2016

Guest session on ‘Gender Equality’ arranged at BMIIT, Date: 16.08.2016

Every year there is a world-wide celebration on Women’s Day on 8th march to create awareness about women empowerment and women rights. In the current scenario women contribute to social, economic, cultural and political achievements in every country and thus today women walk hand I hand with men. Abiding by the theme ”PledgeForParity”of the International Women’s Day 2016 Campaign, the women committee of BMIIT had organized a special session of “Biking Queens”on 16th August 2016, to address all the students of BMIIT and stress upon gender equality and women education. The speaker of the session was Dr. Sarika Mehta (Founder, Biking Queens Group Surat) and Ms. Durriya Tapia (member of Biking Queens Group Surat). These women are the members of the event “10 Nation Riding Team” who went on a road journey of 39 days covering 10,000 kilometers from Delhi to Singapore with the aim of spreading the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Message of Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao. Dr. Sarika Mehta shared her experience of this journey with the students and the challenges that they faced throughout the journey. She also motivated girls to be strong, determined and fearless and make advancements in life by positive thinking. She set an example for girls as to how in spite of being a women, she can be successful and break the normal traditions and beliefs of the society.

A three-day cultural program organized by AIESEC committee members of BMIIT Date: 6th, 8th and 9th August 2016

A three-day cultural program organized by AIESEC committee members of BMIIT Date: 6th, 8th and 9th August 2016

The student committee members of BMIIT jointly organized a three day cultural program on 6th , 8th and 9th august for the Exchange People (Interns) of AIESEC. The theme for the first day was ‘Bollywood Day’ wherein the interns had to perform the role of a Bollywood actor or actress. Overall some of the interns performed and some did not, some interns gave dance performances while two interns did mimicry and martial arts. In the second session of the day, the movie ‘3 Idiots’ was shown to the interns. The day ended with a camp fire where the students and interns played games and enjoyed the evening.

The second day was based on the theme ‘Cultural Day’ and so on this day all the interns represented their own culture. All the students enjoyed this day and also learnt about new culture and their customs. A group picture with the faculty members was taken on the end of this day.

The last day was a ‘Tour Day’ for the interns. On the request of the interns a village visit was arranged for the interns. The interns along with the student committee members visited four villages namely Isroli, Afva, Ena and Bagumara. The visit started from Isroli and ended at Bagumara. They also visited the MUKTHESHVAR MAHADEV MANDIR at Ena and there the students explained the interns about every God and Goddess. The interns were very pleased and happy to see the indian village culture and routine life. They met everyone with warm hearts and also appreciated the efforts which are generally put up by village people.

BMIIT congratulates and appreciates the work done by the AIESEC committee students who organized the whole program. BMIIT also appreciates the zealous and polite interns and wishes them good luck for their future.

Village School is visited by BMIIT students. Date: 30.07.2016

Village School is visited by BMIIT students. Date: 30.07.2016

“You have two hands. One to help yourself, second to help others”

BMIIT students had visited Kumar Chhatralaya, Mahuva. Students had a talk with them. After talking with them they came to know, what is real life of rural people? BMIIT students distributed clothes to them, which were collected from college, clicked photographs and spent some time with them.

The Students’ were very happy as they got new clothes to wear as they are orphan children. Meeting such student’s was an eye-opener. After meeting them, students realized what happiness is? What humanity is? What is life without parents? Students came to know that we are blessed compared to them.

By seeing confidence of those orphan students, BMIIT students were very happy.

We, at BMIIT proud of our students.

BMIIT has arranged an expert session on "Industry coding standard and Basics of Android", Date: 30.07.2016

BMIIT has arranged an expert session on "Industry coding standard and Basics of Android", Date: 30.07.2016

An expert session was conducted for final year students of BMIIT on 30th July, 2016. The topic was "Industry coding standard and Basics of Android". Session was delivered by passed out students of BMIIT namely Khushbu Patel and Jayshree Borad. It was a hands-on session, where students were practicing the things which were taught

Session included discussion on basics of android along with demonstration of coding standard and naming conventions used in the industry. Session was interactive and students were really engaged during the session and they were also able to resolve their own queries and misconceptions.

Enormous participation in the Wheebox Employability Skill Test arranged at BMIIT, Date: 20th July, 2016-30th July, 2016.

Enormous participation in the Wheebox Employability Skill Test arranged at BMIIT, Date: 20th July, 2016-30th July, 2016.

WEST (Wheebox Employability Skill Test) is the only pre-screening test in the country that is endorsed by Industry Bodies and Academia alike. With more than 200 thousand students having undergone WEST, the test is validated and standardized. WEST helps employers to short list candidates using WEST scores and the assessment provides initial transcript and detailed scorecards for each module to the candidate highlighting the strengths and improvement areas.

We have conducted WEST for all the Final Year students of 5 Years Integrated M.Sc. (IT) to publish "India Skills Report" in association with PeopleStrong and CII. The advantage of WEST is that the score card can be used for multiple job opportunities and the score card is validated by the Government bodies of country. Overall 130+ students from 5th semester and 9th semester participated in the Wheebox competition.

BMIIT arrange guest sessions by AIESEC students,Dated:25.07.2016

BMIIT arrange guest sessions by AIESEC students, Dated:25.07.2015

AIESEC India is an organization believes that "Youth leadership is not an option, It is our responsibility". AIESEC focused on developing personal and professional skills of today’s students. AIESEC supports leadership development of student members. AIESEC members invest time in skill development in order to increase students’ employability, and to add something extra to their CVs. AIESEC India’s core activity is the operation of an international exchange programme, that provide the opportunity for students in the India to gain valuable experience working and living abroad – gaining valuable work and life experience.

Babu Madhav Institute of Information Technology arrange a guest sessions by two AIESEC students namely Allouh Alaa Hasan from Syria and Mia Vucevac from Croatia under GLOBAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM . Both AIESEC students have discussed on environment issues and waste management with 5th semester students of 5 years Integrated M.Sc. (IT) on 25th July, 2016, at BMIIT classrooms.

AIESEC students have shared their experiences in India first. Allouh Alaa Hasan had focused on current issues of environment, what as a normal human being we can contribute to it. Mia Vucevac had discussed how one can do waste management and what are the benefits of doing so. Both sessions were very interesting and interactive. AIESEC students were even happy from the student responses and even all 5th semester students had the feeling of getting something new.

We at BMIIT, encourage such sessions and congratulate AIESEC students and give best wishes for their future.

Old age home visited by BMIIT students,Date:23.07.2016

Old age home visited by BMIIT students,Date:23.07.2016

BMIIT students visited Old Age Home “Shri Ambika Niketan Kendra, Surat”. They say “When people become old they behave like children. If your parents didn’t leave you for being a child, how can you leave them for being old?”

Shri Ambika Niketan is a well organized trust for old people. Many of those old people are living here for more than 10 years. Many people were great achievers in their youth and were also very well educated in this center. They all were from different places, with different natures and having different reasons to live there but they were fighting with same thing - loneliness.

They were very happy to see BMIIT students. You could see happiness and love in their eyes, voice. Students played Antakshari, Danced , Sang with them. The people were eager to share their stories to students, to talk to someone, to hear someone.

It was a heartwarming experience to meet such people by students of BMIIT.

BMIIT has celebrated ALUNA DAY - 21-July-2016

GauriVrat(Aluna) is an important ritual performed by unmarried women and young girls in the month of Ashadha (July – August). In 2016, the dates of GauriVrata is from July 17 to July 21. The Vrat is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. Gauri is another name of Goddess Parvati.

BabuMadhav Institute of Information Technology organized ALUNA DAY CELEBRATION. As a part of it, four different competitions namely Elocution, Fancy Dress, Hair Style and Antakshariwas carried out. The competition was organized for both UG and PG students.

14 students had participated in Elocution competition where the topic of elocution was "Importance of Festivals in our life". Competition was judged by Mr. SandipDelwadkar and Mr. HardikVyas.

“Western dressing” was the theme for Fancy Dress competition where 18 students have participated and competition was judged by Ms. Bhumika Patel and Mr. KrunalSukhwani.

Hair Style competition was judged by Mr. Manish Vala, Ms. Gayatri Patel and Ms. Mitali Dixit in which 6 students have participated.

In Antakshari competitionthere were 10 teams, each team having three members and each team is from different class-division. They played 7 different rounds of Antakshari. Mr. SapanNaik was the judge for the competition.

Below table summarize the winners of each competition.

We would like to congratulate the students to dream for such an event and make it come true. We UTU and BMIIT family wholeheartedly congratulate the winners.




















Hair Style



Riya Patel










Fancy Dress



Vinil Parekh




Subham Mehta


5th- B









Shivani Desai


Jay panchal


9th- B




Krinal Patel


Riddhi Desai

Anti - ragging awareness program organized at BMIIT for the first year students - 21st July 2016.

An anti-ragging awareness program was conducted by BMIIT on 21 st July 2016 for the first year students. The session which initiated at 11:30 was first addressed by member of anti-ragging cell Mr. Hardik Vyas, explained the meaning of ragging and anti-ragging. The students were shown videos regarding the same from Aman Movement stressing on the levels of effect which ragging can have and also to make clear to the students that ragging is a punishable offence by law. After the videos, Program Coordinator Mr. Jitendra Nasriwala addressed the students making them aware about the Anti-ragging cell and Anti- ragging squads which have been formed to handle mishaps of ragging in the campus. He threw light upon the activities done by both the committee members and he also introduced the respective committee members to the students. The session was successful in accomplishing the goal of spreading awareness of anti-ragging process which is followed at BMIIT as well as the whole university thus ensuring in the safety of all the students and removing any fears that the students might have regarding ragging based on individual perception and notions.

Awareness session arranged for girls at BMIIT, Dated : 20-July-2016

As the planet's population grew and the demand for labor increased, and as new ideologies took shape, women were thrust into a brave new world and confronted with a host of challenges. So it is indeed needed to make women are aware about their rights and responsibility.

BabuMadhav Institute of Information Technology arrange "Awareness session" for first year girls as a part of women's cell. Ms. Bhumika Patel, Ms. NehalAdhvariyu, Ms. Preeti Bhatt and Ms. Mitali Dixit from faculty have shared their experiences and gave basic guideline of institute. They have make girls aware about their rights too. At the end session was concluded by question answer, girls have cleared their doubts.

Interview of Dr. Dhiraj Rastogi by BMIIT students, Dated:16.07.2016

Interview of Dr. Dhiraj Rastogi by BMIIT students, Dated:16.07.2016

BMIIT students have taken the interview of Dr. Dhiraj Rastogi. He is MBBS, MD(Orthopaedics). He has shared two very important things. Education is diverted rather than concentrated and for current generation, not go by the wave. He emphasis on enjoying the moment rather than living in past or future.

Appointment taken by : Khyati Dalal

Interviewers : Ankit Boghra, Khyati Dalal, Taslim Shah, Jyoti Pandey and Bushra Ansari.

We are proud of our students and motivate them for continue this activity.

Orientation 2016 organized at BMIIT for the new batch of students - 7th to 9th July 2016

Every year BMIIT organizes an orientation program for familiarizing the newly admitted students to the environment, academic culture and ethics, procedures, technology used at BMIIT and to create a bond of trust between the new students, faculty members and senior students.

BMIIT organized ‘Orientation 2016’ for three days from 7th to 9th July 2016. The first session on 7th July was taken by the renowned speaker Mr. Himanshu Joshi who conducted a movie based training session on the animated movie ‘ANTZ’. He imbibed into the students the right attitude to take life, self-introspection and sure way to success.

The second session on 8th July began by an inspiring speech given by Mr. Hardik Vyas on ‘Power of Subconscious Mind’. The session was followed by a campus visit guided by students of the 7th semester and games like ‘Urban Rush’ and ‘Pick the Chit’.

Parents meeting was conducted for the whole day on 9th July. Program Coordinator of BMIIT, Mr. Jitendra Nasriwala commenced the session by a compassionate and knowledgeable speech on the academic culture of BMIIT, discipline, rules and regulations and ethics followed at BMIIT thus ensuring the parents as well as the students of a bright and overall development of the students. The speech was followed by presentation conducted by Bhumika Madam, Sandip Delwadkar and Manish Vala who enlightened the parents and students with UTU, BMIIT, SIS, Staff, CIE and cultural and technical events conducted at BMIIT which was then followed by lunch.

The Orientation program was finally ceased by wishing good luck to the new crusades of BMIIT.

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